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How to Choose the Best

Life Insurance Plan

Don't be short-sighted

The wide range of term insurance policies offered by insurance companies in India make it a challenge for an individual to make a decision on the policy that will be the best suited for him/her. Not just selecting a reliable insurance company, individuals also have to make up their mind on a term insurance from the wide array of term policies being offered by the same insurer. This makes it important for an individual looking for a term insurance policy to be aware of the parameters that he/she should consider, so that he/she can make a well-informed decision.

The core purpose of opting for a term insurance is to ensure the financial stability and security of your family in case of your unforeseen demise. Therefore, you have to make a conscious decision now, so as to provide for your family in your absence when they will need it the most. If you survive through the policy tenure, it serves as an effective investment tool for fulfilling your future plans like child’s marriage or higher education, higher education for self to improve your qualification, retirement goals, etc.

The best term insurance is one that offers the highest sum assured at the lowest possible monthly premium. This means that it is the best to start early because the younger you are, the lower will be the premium that you can avail for a high sum assured. You should keep a few essential parameters in mind to decide on your sum assured, which will be analysed by the term insurance premium calculator to determine your monthly premium amount.

Let’s discuss the factors you must consider while selecting a term insurance premium calculator. Decide on the coverage you are looking for: It may be difficult for you to decide on the sum assured that you believe would be sufficient to support your family in the future. However, you need to do a rough calculation of our family’s estimated future expenses for maintaining their lifestyle and also meet their liabilities. It is advisable that you aim a bit higher, so that you do not fall short of the desired amount later.

Decide on the policy tenure: Insurance companies usually offer many term options of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or more years from which you need to select judiciously as per your financial goals. The tenure that you choose will also determine the benefits that you will become eligible for. It is advisable that you opt for a term that covers you till your retirement age, so that you can avail a wider range of benefits.


Life Insurance Plans

To make sure your family doesn't suffer any financial hardships in your absence

Key Reasons to Buy Life Insurance Plans

In today’s world, life insurance is an important aspect for benefits in finance. Many deaths take place every year due to varied types of the serious conditions or accidents and if they are the single earning person at home, then it could be difficult for their family members to pay all household chores payment or bills or other expenses, debts, etc.

Hence, life insurance focuses on the protection of your family with you and even after you. You should compare life insurance in India and proceed further. It is certainly obligatory to make sure you provide the financial security to your loving family with the best life insurance plans made available by the top life insurance companies in India.

There are a many companies in the country dealing in the life insurance products. It is necessary to choose the best and for the same, you can research online. At Policy Secure, we provide you the dedicated online platform to compare over 15 life insurance plans of different companies in order to help you go for the easy comparison in terms of premium payable every year, benefits, features, add-ons, riders available, returns, policy term, premium paying term, and the background of the insurance company you choose.

We at Policy Secure believe in customer first and hence share unbiased expert advice about the various top life insurance companies in India to ensure you gain the maximum benefit. We are a customer-centric company and strive to win customer trust always. We are devoted in the customer service 24x7.

In addition to good deals, you can also enjoy attractive saving upto 66% on buying child insurance plans online at Policy Secure. Life is uncertain and so it is strongly recommended to go for the maximum life insurance coverage.

You can also opt for multiple life insurance products including (i) Endowment plans (ii) Child plans (iii) Tax Saving Plans (Money Back Plans, and more with good returns on maturity. You can decide your policy term and premium paying terms. For better advice, you can consult our life insurance experts before concluding your purchase online at Policy Secure in India.

Why waste your valuable time, money, and invite disappointment when you can easily compare life insurance plans online before you buy at your own trusted and 100% reliable online insurance buying and renewal platform Policy Secure. We provide you the facility of multiple insurance quotes free of cost to choose after making comparison.

You cannot see the future and know when and where what can happen? And so, to secure your family after you or with you in your illness period, buying the best life insurance plans is the best option.

Best Reasons to Buy Affordable Life Insurance Plans Online

  • Best Reasons to Buy Affordable Life Insurance Plans Online

    It is the most important aspect or reason is seen to buy life insurance plans. If your family is fully dependent on you, and you don’t want them to be alone and fight for financial problems in the condition of any kind of mis-happening then go ahead with the top and affordable life insurance plans online facilitated 24x7. Life insurance will cover the amount of your child’s education or other expenses and assures your partner/spouse with the financial assistance declared and assured in your varied life insurance policies.

  • Long term goals

    It also helps you achieve your goals in your life such as buying a new home or any other property investment or taking retirement, marriage of your children, higher education, and provides you financial support with varieties of policies. Always give your few hours or minutes to go through the deep details of life insurance plans provided to you.

  • Debt payment

    If you are under debt or loan such as personal/home loan, education loan, etc. and you meet with an accident or illness and your death takes place, all amount of your debt must be paid by your family to the bank. And if you don’t let them suffer from this situation, you must plan your life insurance smartly.

  • Cheaper insurance at a young age

    Life insurance is needed for everybody. If you are independent or dependent, but you have availed an educational loan or home loan or student loan, then you should buy an insurance plan. But, when you are single, the amount offered is lower, so before going ahead with policy, go into details with full concentration. Thus, even if you remain single, there are dependants in your family and you don’t want them to suffer after you, just assure them of financial support with top life insurance plans assuring guaranteed returns.

    Providing assurance to the nominee’s family members or loved ones is the main goal of life insurance policy. If you and your family are fit and healthy, then you are offered with the best coverage limit in your plans.

  • Retirements support

    Everybody wants to get retired after a certain age with good financial support planned in advance. Life insurance plans makes you continue with your retirement and provides you a monthly fixed amount which is known as a pension and enjoy your remaining life with your loved ones without undergoing any kind of the financial crisis. You can relax at your age and stay in a fit condition with your requirements fulfilled per month after your retirement.

  • Take care of your business

    The best life insurance plans is also about taking care of your business, it's not only about you or your family. If you are the owner of any business, then you business partners may purchase your part of the business without any hassle and will go ahead with the agreement made in which payout will go to the nominee with their name, without holding a stake in the business. Two types of insurance plans are offered and they are 1. Life insurance policy and 2. Term insurance policy.

    ,p>While we are aware of life insurance policy, but what’s different in a term policy is that security is provided for some period of time such as 10, 20, 30 years and offers benefits in a specific term stated. The life insurance policy will get expire and company will provide you a fixed amount on the completion of your policy plan commonly known as the maturity amount with bonus as per your policy bond or the issued policy document.
  • Forced saving tool

    If you choose to pay a premium per month with a fixed amount to be paid, it will develop a habit of a forced saving at the every interval. It will force you to avoid unnecessary expenditures and save money to pay your life insurance premium every year. This habit of yours will help you to withdraw good amount of money in a single withdrawal or go for the pension. You can enjoy good policy coverage with the minimum amount of premium.

  • Saving tax

    Buying one or more life insurance plan will help you save your tax as it will be counted as an expense which is tax-free on some protection plans of death or maturity. Hence, you do not need to pay tax after paying premium per month. The life insurance paid every year is tax free and the maturity benefit is also tax free. Thus, customers can enjoy tax saving in addition to the several other advantages featured in the different life insurance products online for yourself and for your family members.

  • Health conditions

    A life insurance is given only to a health person. You never know about your health condition in future. Hence, it is a good decision to buy cheap life insurance plans when you are good at health. Do not wait for the last moment to buy a life cover plan.

    Life insurance policy runs on some rules and regulations which are applied. You are paying a premium for life insurance policy and one day suddenly, you fall sick with serious disease, you will not be allowed to buy insurance of life then. Hence, it must be bought early in your life because no one knows about health problems later.

    Life insurance plans add some benefits to your existing or new policy which provides you the best quality and allows you to take whole or a part of the plan if you have less time in life. You can also use it for medical treatment or its expenses.

  • Peace of mind

    You cannot have control on your death or passing time. Since our human life is unpredictable, it is necessary to plans your investment smartly for the complete peace of mind not only while you are surviving but also when you are no more on the earth. In such situations, what you can do is just to secure your family’s life after you by investing before in life insurance plans.

    Life insurance is great and the best option for financial protection of your loved ones in the real time of need. The changes needed for life insurance are different in each stage of your policy based on the financial base.

  • Cover your loved one’s financially

    Some fixed amount or money will be received by your loved ones after you or in your medical issues. We all know, nothing can give them relieve emotionally, but financial support helps them to fight with their struggling period.

    If you don’t have any family member or loved ones, the amount of money is given to the charitable trust or NGO. A suitable life insurance plan is necessary for your standard of living and requirements. Life insurance is just the simpler form which is covered at small premium Life insurance coverage.

    Insurance plans offer some additional coverage which is beneficial to you via policy. But, this will be included as per your requirement and policy type.

  • Below are described additional coverage offered during your purchase to life insurance plans:

  • Sudden death benefit

    Death occurs suddenly through accident and if the rider has to be the owner of the life insurance policy, financial support will be provided to his/her family and additional sum or amount will be given to the family with the coverage of educational services of the child till marriage and household chores. This is beneficial if the policyholder is the only earning source.

  • Serious disorders

    If the policyholder suffers from some serious disease or disorders like cancer, heart stroke, kidney failure, all these will be covered by a policy. The treatment expenses will be covered in this. Hence, planning all this beforehand is very useful and important. Also, it saves us from stress in that condition. The fixed amount will be available by policy plan in this critical illness condition/situation.

  • Premium wave

    In any condition, if an owner of the policy is not able to pay the premium due to some genuine reason such as death or accidents or disorders, then this policy make free to the holder by all premiums and also provide the benefit of policy till date.

  • Disability

    There is no guarantee where life takes us and it is not good every time. So, you should be prepared for every turn life makes whether the best or the worst. Disorders or disability occurs partially or permanent, there must be strong financial support which is provided to the policyholder in his/her tough times when their family struggles for the money or finance.

    Insurance policies provide 10% of the total amount being offered in this policy. Since it may cost you some additional amount in premium but make sure you purchase that. Before buying insurance plans go through every detail and modules you need.

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Considering Something Before Purchasing Life Insurance

Buying an insurance plan is not a big issue, but nobody wants to pay or invest because a few percentage of the people believe insurance premium to be an unnecessarily investment. So to buy as per your needs or requirements is the good option. Thus, you must have the information of why are you paying and what are the benefits you are going to get?

  • Analyze

    The amount or fixed amount you give to your family who is totally dependent on you for financial gains, then analyzing coverage limit that is paid to them as per policy will secure the future of your family.

  • Review

    Complete analyzing and calculating your requirements is must in this case with reviewing the policy agreements in a regular period of time. Changes which occurred such as marriage or job changing, etc. need some extra financial support to fulfil their needs.

  • Compare insurance plans

    Comparing the cheap life insurance plans online of different insurers is also needed before finalizing a policy. This will give you a wide understanding of plans and quotes provided with benefits. The fact is that offline insurance plans are costlier than cheap life insurance plans online.

  • Premium payment capacity

    You should be sure to pay the premium with income keeping in mind. If you are not able to pay the premium due to financial problem, it will not only affect your future goals but also avoid your savings. Thus, it is important to review your policy plans and assure that you are able to pay premium time to time and decide the policy as per your requirements.

  • Policy document

    Read and go through policy plan documents carefully before buying online cheapest life insurance plans round the clock. There are some disadvantages that you must go through so that in future no misunderstandings take place and rejection in claims occurs. Knowing what all is covered as well as it is also necessary to know what is not covered.

  • Don’t jump to benefits provided

    If you take and pay more premium for more coverage then you may consider health coverage included in it to fulfill all your requirements and needs. But, select that carefully with going in details of your policy with unique goals assigned there. Do not jump for that if you are not required.

How is life insurance premium calculated?

There are factors that will help you to better understand life insurance premium calculations. They are described as below:

• Gender

It is said that women live longer than men and so life insurance plans consider men as risk element than women. Therefore, women’s premium payment is lower than men. So this policy depends on your gender too.

• Age

Your premium payment depends on your age and is lower when you are young. With your age, the premium amount also increases as risk level increases. Thus, life insurance increases with the age, and hence, it is advised to not to wait till older age.

• Coverage duration

There are two types of insurance plans as per duration and they are short term plans and long term plans. Short terms are lower in premium payment comparing to long term payment.

• Smoking &Alcohol

Insurance plans calculate risk as per this factor considered. These factors increasing the risk of health issues and premium payment is more in this due to the increase in the risk of health increases. We at Policy Secure provide you a completely unforgettable life insurance buying experience online. Explore us 24x7 to compare affordable life insurance online to buy from the reputed life insurance companies in India.