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Buying Motor Insurance Policy Online Made Hassle-free at Policy Secure

For the first time in India, one of the most trusted companies Policy Secure has introduced the 100% secure and dependable platform to buy Motor Vehicle Insurance Online in India round the clock.

We bring together all the reputed insurance companies on a single platform to facilitate motor insurance comparison in India in fraction of seconds. A number of the insurance quotes for you to enjoy the maximum saving on the different category of the motor insurance cover bought online only at Policy Secure. Now there is no need to struggle and waste your valuable time to compare the motor insurance quotes made available online after entering the essential detail of the vehicle to be insured. We at Policy Secure value the precious time and hard earned money of our valued existing and potential clients looking to buy any kind of motor vehicle insurance online or motor insurance renewal at any point of time.

Today, Policy Secure has made buying motor insurance policy online hassle-free, secure, and of course speedy.

Let us here understand the definition of Motor Insurance before we proceed with the other mandatory information. The insurance products designed to cover the risk related to the varied types of the motor vehicles is termed as Motor Insurance. Further it is an insurance product designed to protect the policy owner against financial loss of any type arising due to damage or theft of your motor vehicle categorized in car insurance, two-wheeler insurance, commercial vehicle insurance and third-party insurance.

Policy Secure has facilitated also the best motor insurance premium calculator for the accurate calculation of insurance premiums. Visit us for your private or company vehicle insurance renewals.

Please Note: As per ruling of our respected Supreme Court India, Third Party Insurance Cover for a period of 3 years has been made mandatory.

Types of Motor Insurance That You Need to Know

The risk is something you can never predict about. It may occur anytime and anywhere. It is just that you need to be prepared for it. But you can certainly protect yourself you’re your private vehicle against it.

Wondering how? Well, the answer to this would be simply by buying insurance cover for it. Whether it is for you, your family, your house or even your vehicle, insurance can cover a maximum loss that may occur to you or your family due to some unpleasant circumstances.

Motor Insurance is majorly divided into the following key categories:

  • Car Insurance Cover: it is the insurance cover designed to meet your four wheeler insurance need for the diverse range of the cars including luxurious, high-value, imported, Indian made and other types of private cars. It covers the financial loss arising out of the unexpected accidents, damages or loss due to several other reasons.

    It helps you to compensate first party, car damage expenses, and third party loss. The yearly premium to be paid is calculated after taking into consideration several mandatory factors like make, model, and state of registration, types of the coverage demanded, IDV, and others described in the motor insurance guidelines regulated by IRDI.

  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance Cover: This type of the insurance is especially designed for all the drivers and commercial vehicle owners to compensate losses to vehicles and third party arising due to any kind of unexpected incident or accident taking place in any part of the country. The commercial vehicle insurance is not only essential but also very useful for the companies in the transportation businesses in India.

  • Two Wheeler Insurance Cover: as the name itself is self-explanatory. The two wheeler insurance cover helps a user to recover financial losses incurred out of any damage to the two wheelers or third party because of unwanted accidents while driving on roads or even when your vehicle incur damage in parking.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Policy Cover: it is a highly recommended insurance policy cover as an add-on to the basic motor insurance policies. A Comprehensive Insurance Cover protects the owner to meet the losses incurred out of insured vehicle theft and also third party loss. Owner driver cover and passenger cover can also be availed under the Comprehensive Insurance Cover if required by a vehicle owner.

  • Third Party Insurance Cover: This type of the insurance is designed to cover or compensate financial or bodily losses to third person or property in any accident at any place.

    The Third Party Insurance cover do not provide any direct financial benefit to the owner insured but saves from heavy financial losses. As per the Insurance Regulatory Development of India (IRDI), the Third Party Insurance coverage is mandatory of every single type of the vehicles plying on roads.

  • Liability Only Policy Insurance: is meant meet the third party liability expenses for bodily injuries to third party and damages to properties. Owner driver or personal accident risk coverage is also included in the liability only policies you can buy online at Policy Secure online.

The total insurance premium to be paid depends on which type of insurance you wish to buy for your private or commercial vehicles. Keeping tax and investment in mind, buying insurance is always a good option and if you have both then things can be pretty much relaxing for you keeping unforeseen events of future in mind. Now buy motor insurance policy at Policy Secure within a few simple steps.

What does an insurance policy cover?

  • Any damage caused to the vehicle by accidents, riots or any other natural calamity
  • Personal accident cover
  • Theft or loss of vehicle
  • Passenger cover
  • Any liability to the third party

What is not covered by the insurance policy?

  • General wear and tear
  • Any mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Damage caused due to intoxication
  • Any damage outside India
  • Any type of consequential damage

Importance of Motor Insurance

Owning motor insurance is required for the protection of the driver and your vehicle and the passengers. It is highly necessary to own a good motor insurance policy to ensure the safety and the goodwill of the driver and any other passenger.

If a driver is found to be driving without a motor insurance, the vehicle can be impounded immediately and also he might be impounded with heavy fines and duties. So it is strongly recommended and above all mandatory to buy a good motor insurance before you start driving it.

There are various reasons why motor insurance is important in India, the biggest one having full financial, medical, personal protection, and other risk coverage. Motor insurance policy helps in covering the family of the driver in case of adverse conditions like the demise of the driver. A lot of compensation is provided to you by a motor insurance policy and it is advised to have one.

Why should you buy motor insurance policy?

  • A good motor insurance pays all the damages of your car: Repairing of a motor vehicle is very costly owing to its expensive parts and so it is not easy to pay for damages if they happen because of someone else negligence. If you have a good motor insurance, they will pay for all the valid repairs and damages.
  • Your liability is reduced: The third party liability (TPL) is however not only a mandatory concept but is very important to have. Suppose you ramify someone else’s property with your motor then all those damages will be paid by your motor insurance policy in turn protecting you from any legal repercussions and financial losses.
  • It clears the bills of your hospitalisation: Many motor vehicle accidents do not end with bruises and cuts; some might indulge in fractures and serious conditions. A good motor insurance policy covers you throughout your hospitalisation and pays all its bills.

Advantages of Buying Motor Insurance Online

For those who are confused between buying motor insurance online or traditionally, listed are benefits that need to be known:

  1. Buying motor insurance online gives you the benefit to fill up and pay for the insurance premium no matter in which location you are.
  2. You don’t have to be in queue each time just to pay the premium when you can pay for the insurance as and when you want to online.
  3. Since online insurance purchase and renewals is available 24*7, it saves your valuable time which you can utilize on other important things or in the other type of businesses.
  4. This is one obligatory policy which means the premium that you will be paying on it is not that much. Rather, it can be quite a cost-effective solution to buy online.
  5. Since motor insurance comes with different options of services, you get a wide range of choices along with premium flexibility to focus on.
  6. There is no insurance agent involved in it at all. This means, you don’t have to pay for their commission and you can buy any insurance option online.
  7. At times, we are most likely to forget about the due payment but having an online account can work as a reminder or alert.
  8. You also get the complete record of payment and the insurance that you have purchased so far along with the date and details that you can access as and when you need it.
  9. With an online option, it becomes easy for the policy holders to avail the cashless facility. When the time will come to repair the vehicle you can claim it online and even choose for the cashless facility for the garage.
  10. On buying an online policy gives you an opportunity to compare different options and pick the policy and even accomplish the paperwork online without wasting your time and travelling frequently for policy papers or claims.

Simple Steps to Buy Motor Insurance from Policy Secure

We at Policy Secure have made the facility of buying Motor Vehicle Insurance Online in India just like a child game. It is no more a tedious task with us. It is speedy, hassle free, and simple to compare the insurance premium before you finally pay for two-wheeler, four -wheeler, commercial vehicle or other insurance covers online at our insurance portal.

Below are the steps to follow to buy motor insurance online at Policy Secure:

  • Step 1: Visit the dedicated Policy Secure website
  • Step 2: Create your dedicated account on our portal online by filling the mandatory details. Make sure you enter the correct details for the better services
  • Step 3: Log in to your created account using your login credentials
  • Step 4: Select the type of the motor insurance car insurance, two wheeler insurance, etc.
  • Step 5: Explore through the different insurance policies, riders, etc.
  • Step 6: Browse for the different insurance company motor insurance quotes comparison
  • Step 7: Select the company policy and insurance riders that suit you the best
  • Step 8: Fill the online form with the required vehicle and personal details
  • Step 9: Make your payment using your Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Paytm, and other acceptable payment modes
  • Step 10: After the successful payment, your respective category of the motor insurance policy paper is mailed to your registered-mail address within the agreed timeline

Know more about Third Party Insurance

Talking further about insurance, Third Party Insurance is an obligatory one according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 for anyone who owns or is planning to buy or drive a motor vehicle. This type of insurance is designed to protect the driver or the owner of the car against any kind of accidental or legal liability taking place.

It also includes the loss or damage of the property or at the financial level. This type of motor insurance plan is mandatory in India and is said to be the prime one for the most motor insurance policies. Usually, many service providers of the insurance generally offer personal accident coverage along with the third party plans of insurance.

Key Benefits of Third Party Insurance Policies are:

First time buyers are pretty much likely to be hesitant about such type of insurance plans and hence, listed are some of the key benefits that may help in making better decisions:

  1. Peace in Mind: Such type of policy is designed to offer the user a mental peace when it comes to dealing with any kind of traumatic situation that generally hampers financially on the occurrence of any vehicle accident.
  2. Quick process: There is no hard and fast rule that you may have to go through. Such type of insurance policy is completely easy to access. You can get the renewal or purchase of such insurance done with just one click online. The process is simple and all you need to do is follow the instructions and fill up the desired details asked.
  3. Cost-Effective to the Insurer: Another reason why third-party insurance is advised is that of the vehicle liability insurance component that is received in the whole of the car insurance policy. Since it is an important part of the overall policy, it is quite cost effective.
  4. Great compensation: If you calculate the compensation as well, don’t be surprised to know that the whole evolution is based on the insurer income. This way the process is more hassle-free.
  5. Always accessible: As compared to other policies, in terms of renewal or even the application, this policy can be upgraded online anytime and from any location.

Key Factors Deciding Insurance Premium

  • IDV – It is commonly popular as Insured Declared Value (IDV). It is also known as the sum insured of the insurance policy. The calculation for the IDV depends on the depreciation percentage per year for the particular vehicle’s wear & tear and selling price listed by the manufacturer. It is the declared IDV of the vehicle in the issued insurance policy that would be payable by the insured company on total loss or theft ofcourse it is subject the deductibles or excess defined in the terms & conditions of the issued policy.
  • Vehicle Age – It is the second most important factor used for the calculation of a vehicle IDV. It can also be used to calculate the applicable discounts and add-on premium to be paid to buy an insurance policy.
  • No Claim Bonus - Popularly known as NCB, the no claim bonus is earned by the vehicle user because of the no claim made during the policy years. The percentage of the NCB increase with every claim free year. The no claim bonus is given as cash discounts which are deducted while calculating the insurance premium. In the condition of a claim, the No Claim Bonus discount becomes zero.
  • Engine Capacity - it is also the premium deciding factor. The more the engine capacity, the higher is the premium. A vehicle’s engine capacity is especially used to determine the Third Party premium amount for the Policy. There are the varied engine capacity slabs made for the insurance premium calculation.
  • Vehicle Registration Place – There are certain zone specific inclusion and exclusion applicable. Hence, the vehicle registration place also plays an important role in the determination of a vehicle policy premium.

Policy Secure is the best motor vehicle insurance companies in India engaged in making the purchase of fresh motor insurance or renewal of motor insurance policies online transparent, worry-free, cheaper, and speedy.

Visit us at Policy Secure right now to enjoy huge discounts on four wheeler insurance renewal, two wheeler insurance renewal, commercial vehicle insurance renewals, and third party renewals or to buy new motor insurance policy online 24x7!


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