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Are all travellers residents of India?

Are all travellers residents of India?

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Travel Insurance

It covers your expenses in case of flight delays, loss of baggage or passport,
& even for medical emergencies during your trip.

Single Trip Policy

Single trip policy is good for one-time travellers. The maximum of 180 days these policies can last for, however, your travel insurance policy can also be extended post a humble request to the insurer. So, have you packed your bags yet?

Annual Multi-Trip Policy

This policy is ideal for frequent travellers or globetrotters. It's valid for making several trips during the year, each one ranging from 30-45 days, rewarding you with suitcases
full of memories.

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Travel Insurance

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Having a travel insurance can help you travel stress-free.

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Travel Insurance Premium starting at values as low as ₹ 300

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Get covered for emergency medical expenses

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Coverage ranging from $25,000 to a whopping $500,000


Avail claims for lost baggage and delayed trips


Travel Insurance

Importance of Travel Insurance

Buy Travel Insurance Online at Policy Secure

Travel Insurance is the best shielding mechanism which will answer to all dangers while you are making journey within India or abroad. Everyone wants to travel. Voyaging is an astonishing knowledge and amusing to adapt to pressure and stress we face these days.

While investing in quality energy with companions and family on an excursion, you live many key minutes and gather remarkable recollections until the end of time. One should spend some time in looking out for the best travel insurance policy online at Policy Secure for the irresistible discount on premium.

Regardless of whether you're wanting to go for a pleasure trip, getting a charge out of get-away either with family or dear companions, or concentrate abroad, it's very prescribed to have trip insurance out for protection intend to deal with dangers or misfortunes that may happen amid the trek.

But before buying any travel insurance, or buying travel insurance online know that Travel Insurance is intended to shield you and your friends and family from unanticipated conditions, regardless of whether you are not with them.

Look at and select the best online travel insurance as the right approach is one of the real key elements. Policy Secure is the one-stop destination online to offer you a chance to investigate and profoundly break down the different touring plans offered by general insurance agencies in India. Beneath referenced are a couple of things, which you have to remember while purchasing sightseeing plan:

  • Covers Flight Delay and Cancellations
  • No Extra Cost for Pre-Existing Diseases
  • Covers for Passport and Baggage Loss
  • Personal Accident and Liability Covered
  • Quick Claim Reimbursement with Cashless Options

The best education I have ever received was through travelling to various hot destinations in the world. A cheap Travel insurance from the top Travel insurance companies have always been my support in time of medical treatment needs while travelling.

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance

Throughout the most recent decade, travel has turned into a noteworthy piece of our lives. Be it for business, relaxation, or seeking after advanced education abroad, an expansive number of people travel consistently. With this expansion in recurrence, the dangers related to voyaging have additionally expanded.

Henceforth, it is vital to know about everything identified with your trek. All that data will come in too helpful on the off chance that you wind up in unexpected circumstances while you are on board.

Travel health insurance, cruise insurance, trip insurance, seniors travel insurance, holiday insurance cover, and more are the key types of the travel insurance plans a user can look and buy affordable travel insurance online at your trusted online portal Policy Secure 24x7.

To know why you should have the best travel insurance plan, investigate properly. It will enable you to maintain a strategic distance from any disarray at whatever point any crisis thumps on your entryway.

Moreover, it is strongly recommended to compare the market Travel insurance plans facilitated by the various dependable travel insurance companies in India.

  • It Covers You against All the Health Emergencies -
  • While surprising occasions can happen whenever and at anyplace, a plausibility of it being a restorative crisis is almost certain. Most likely, your medical coverage policy will cease its operation once you are out of the nation. At the season of purchasing travel protection, ensure you select a more extensive inclusion. In a foreign country like the US, small health issue can dip a deep hole in your wallet.

  • It is Mandatory in Some Countries -
  • In a few nations, for example, the US, it is critical for an explorer to have a travel insurance plan; else they won't have the capacity to enter the geological limits of the nation. Additionally, in a few nations, medicinal services costs are expensive to the point that it is a success win bargain for people when they decide on a movement protection plan.

  • Coverage in Remote Areas -
  • If the area you are visiting is remote; odds are that the medicinal offices may be deficient. On the off chance that you meet with a mishap or all of a sudden fall debilitated, you may be carried to an emergency clinic. In the event that you don't have any insurance planinclusion, the brought about transporting costs would cost you dearly. So at least on must look for  cheap travel insurance plan which are pocket friendly.

  • Dental Emergencies -
  • Even while voyaging, the danger of losing a tooth in a frightful fall is as much as when you are at home. As this can't trust your arrival will home, you should look for quick restorative mediation. As dental costs (and the related torment) can be a genuine grouch, buying out the best travel insurance plan will in general cover such dental treatment costs. In any event, you take wouldn't do any harm but provide financial benefit to you.

  • Claim Your Flight Cancellation or Rescheduled Flight Fees -
  • When you are prepared to leave on your outing to an area of your decision, dropped/rescheduled flights can be extremely irritating. It radically brings down your eagerness and energy levels even before the trek starts. Specialized issues, unfavorable climates, strikes and so forth could be an obstacle and you could miss your corresponding flight thus.

Purchasing the best travel insurance plan gives inclusion against flight delays/retractions just as things delay/misfortune even before your outing really starts.

  • Travel-related Stress, what's that? -
  • A movement protection plan keeps travel-related worry under control by offering money related wellbeing and security when you are abroad. In the event that you fall wiped out, get harmed, or get stranded at your goal, a movement protection approach will have the capacity to accommodate any crisis settlement till the time it is all right for you to fly back home.

  • Replacement for Lost or Stolen Baggage -
  • During an excursion, the most noticeably awful thing that could happen is losing your stuff or any close to home things. Visitors are a vulnerable objective for neighborhood hoodlums, consequently, stolen baggage is a typical issue looked by them.

While voyaging abroad, if your stuff gets lost or is stolen, the substitution cost would be excessive. Hence, one should certainly buy cheap travel insurance online. Right off the bat, you would need to spend cash from your pocket for a copy visa and a duplicate of the required travel records. At that point, you would require new garments and toiletries. A movement protection plan would offer genuinely necessary help in the hour of need by giving repayment to such costs.

  • Risk Coverage for the Entire Family -
  • While you globetrot with your family, travel insurance protection will offer you a satisfactory protection inclusion. Travel protection turns out to be profoundly vital when you travel with child travel insurancesince they are progressively helpless to wounds and ailments. Subordinate offspring of up to 21 years old with no previous condition can be shrouded in a family sightseeing arrangement while going with their folks.

  • Personal Liability Coverage -
  • While voyaging, in the event that you are associated with a mishap that makes individual damage or harms someone's property; make your best budget travel Insurance trip protection plan act as the hero and save you from the heavy financial losses required to pay to the third party for the damage or loss incurred.

  • Emergency Assistance -
  • Disasters can occur without an introduction. In case of a catastrophic event, a demonstration of dread, or an aircraft strike, nobody, not, in any case, the carrier, will encourage you.

Your travel insurance policy will act as the savior in such alarming occasions. From finding a substitute method of transport to repaying any non-refundable installments, your best travel insurance plan back up plan will pay special mind to you in the real time of financial aid.

To travel is to live. Travel safe and stay insured.

Types of Travel Insurance Plans

You can pick which inclusion to select based on your particular prerequisite. Sightseeing designs and arrangement offer inclusion against all conceivable crisis circumstances amid travel.

Household Travel Insurance

Household travel protection is intended for clients who are touring within the nation. It gives inclusion to therapeutic crises, perpetual incapacity and demise, checked-in lost/stolen stuff, travel deferral and individual risk.

Understudy Travel Insurance

Understudy Travel Insurance is a movement approach intended for understudies voyaging abroad on understudy Visa to seek after higher examinations. The strategy covers understudies who are going schools, colleges or organizations in an outside nation for scholastic or expert courses. The inclusion is exhaustive and accommodates costs acquired on restorative treatment, identification misfortune, and study intrusions.

Therapeutic Travel Insurance

Therapeutic travel protection is a momentary travel protection plan figured to cover explicitly the medicinal services and restorative costs brought about, for example, medicinal crisis and departure and so on when an individual journey abroad. The correct incorporations and prohibitions rely on the protection supplier from whom the medicinal travel protection plan is obtained.

Gathering Travel Insurance

Gathering travel protection, as the name recommends, is a kind of movement protection arrangement that covers a bundle of individuals who are not identified with one another by blood and are going to a far off place together. This gathering of individuals could be individuals from a club, who are going on a universal trek to take an interest in the action or something.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior travel insurance is for people who fall in age band of 61-70 years. It is a movement restorative protection strategy went for senior residents to make their movement a wonderful ordeal. It houses inclusion for dental medicines queries and cashless hospitalization other than the standard advantages related to movement protection.

Family Travel Insurance

A family travel Insurance plan protects the whole group of the safeguarded individual from movement-related crises. This arrangement covers hospitalization (travel restorative protection), things misfortune, and other accidental costs. The case payment is simple with insignificant printed material included.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Multi-Trip travel protection is a sort of trip insurance offering broadened inclusion for the most part for a year, exceptionally intended for regular fliers for various treks with the aim that there won't be any need to applying for protection singly each time they travel.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

This kind of travel insurance plan gives inclusion to the length of a solitary excursion. It deals with restorative (travel medical coverage) and non-medicinal crises amid movement including inclusion for loss of checked-in stuff.

Corporate Travel Insurance

Under corporate travel protection India, workers of an association can get inclusion for both global and household trips.

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Travel Insurance Benefit Cashless Hospitalization

As you realize that holiday insurance incorporates inclusion for restorative crises as well, it is judicious just as exceptionally prescribed for you to gather your E-Card from your safety net provider before venturing out to a remote nation.

All you have to do is to enlist yourself with the number referenced on the E-Card so as to be qualified for any such treatment in an outside land if and when essential. Notwithstanding, you can profit cashless hospitalization at a system emergency clinic just, which implies it ought to be inpatient hospitalization as it were. Undoubtedly, travel medical insurance is a great source to help you save your hard earned money on medical treatment required while you are on a holiday trip or travel worldwide.

4 Main aspects of the Best Travel Insurance everyone needs to know:

Obtaining a movement approach online is tied in with giving voyagers a perfect cover against crises and unanticipated circumstances directly from the solace of home. There are sure key highlights which one should pay special mind to while focusing in on an arrangement.

  • Compensation for Flight Issues -
  • A movement approach furnishes you with remuneration in specific cases, including flight deferral or crossing out. This typically is shrouded on account of travelling nation. You will be furnished with settlement amid the holding up period.

  • Medical Emergency and Hospitalization -
  • What in the event that you meet with a mishap amid your excursion or a therapeutic crisis strikes out of the blue? It's your movement strategy that bears the costs, including hospitalization or therapeutic treatment for substantial wounds, rescue vehicle charge, and so on.

  • Travel and Accommodation -
  • Any crisis causing trip end or deferral is normally secured by sightseeing plan. In the in the meantime, costs emerging out of lodging convenience, in the middle of transportation, air rescue vehicle (whenever required because of a therapeutic crisis), and so on are settled under the inclusion of your movement strategy.

  • Legal Liability and Expenses -
  • Travel approaches give inclusion to lawful liabilities and comparing legitimate costs at all, notwithstanding inclusion in term of restorative and convenience costs.

    Why spend more when you can easily save on your premium payable to buy travel insurance and other insurance covers online. Visit Policy Secure right away to compare travel insurance policies and buy the best online travel insurance at the lowest premium from the top insurance companies in India.